Rational Numbers: A Fraction Finding Mission

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Adapted from Zack Moore, sourced from Curriki.org
Students will create 21 integers using two rational numbers and an operation
Students will create the integers using both negative and positive rational numbers
Students will create the integers using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
Students will create the integers using regular fractions, improper fractions, and mixed fractions
Students will demonstrate their math in an artistic way

Introduction:  A Fraction Finding Mission project is an individual activity that stresses problem solving and critical thinking as applied to operations between rational numbers.  

Guiding Questions:  How can you use various forms of rational numbers be combined to create a sequence of integers?



Read through the opening sections as a class. This is an individual activity, so students may have varying levels of competence with operations between rational numbers, so they may need different amounts of support.  The multiplication and division component of lab is challenging, so take your time explaining them and do multiple examples. 

This activity requires students to create the integers between -10 and 10 using two rational numbers and an operation. Negative and positive rational numbers, each of the four operations, and the different types of rational numbers (regular fractions, improper fractions and mixed fractions) must be used equally. 

The art aspect of this project is pretty wide open.  Their original rational numbers and operations just need to be presented in some creative way on the poster. Students should focus on getting their rational numbers and operations completed before focusing on the design component. Students can present their A Fraction Finding Mission project in a variety of ways.  I have included the number line and bingo board options in case students struggle with a create way to present their results. 

Make sure students record their original rational numbers, operations, and work in the table provided.  This is where their fractions will actually be graded for correctness.  Their poster will only be assessed for creativity and neatness.

Make sure student understand the use of the rubric and know that they must score themselves before the project is turned it.  The extra point is given with the idea that if anyone matches my score, they must of used the rubric properly.  The same goes for taking the point.  If they over-scored themselves by four points, they probably did not follow the rubric.


Assessment:  A Fraction Finding Mission project should be graded based on the rubric included in the activity sheet

Sourced by Curriki under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial license.